Main advantages of skibob

Safety – the most important matter of our skibobs 

We accentuate the quality of production and the safety of our skibobs.  That is why we have invited the best professionals in developing our frames. The choice of correct frame dimensions and the suspension provide the skibob and the rider with better comfort. Thanks to skis fixed on the rider’s feet the risk of rollover is maximally eliminated.  

Just sit on and ride the skibob 

The skibob is the excellent solution for those who do not want to dedicate several days for subsequent and slow improvement on skies or snowboard. Our experience shows that the beginning skibob rider can go down the slope after 2 up 4 hours of training, safely in the speed of average skier. Can anybody say the same in case of ski or snowboard?

The basic presumption does not include the age, the physical condition even not the experience. You only need to know to bicycle (balancing is similar to cycling) and to master basic ski (skating) skills. It means the breaking with slide slip and the snow plough stopping and the capability to stay stable on mini ski when using the ski tow.  

He/she who has no experience of skiing, he/she has to master the bases, i.e. the prudent downhill run, the breaking with slide slip and the stability when standing on mini ski. So far this all without the skibob. It is very simple and funny stage. The skiing on mini ski is very similar to skating.  

Those who have the basic experience of skiing can start to learn riding the skibob right now.  Whilst when learning to ski or snowboard you cannot avoid any falls due to front-rear stability failure, this is not possible with skibob as the sitting on the seat is very sure. On the skibob you have the contact with 3 up 4 places of the ski slope – depending on the riding style (two mini ski and two skibob skis).

Skibob equals to the comfort 

Everybody who spent three days on skis or the snowboard knows how muscles can hurt. This is not possible with the skibob. It’s thanks to the comfortable sitting on the skibob.  Skibob from Skibobs.euFeet with mini ski only “glide” on the snow and help to keep the balance and stability during riding. Thanks to the seat shape, similar to the motorbike seat, the riding the skibob is much more comfortable than riding the bicycle. The skibob rider is not leaned forward so much than on the bike so the back does not suffer so much. That is why you can enjoy even one week riding with the skibob without having troubles to ascend the stair in the evening. Not only leisure sportsmen but also those with health troubles appreciate it. Knees, hips and the backbone are much more times loaded than on the skibob. As explained above, the weight of your body leans on the ski bob, whereas your feet only freely slide on the snow. Who can stop on the slope and comfortably enjoy lively views? Only you because you sit on the convenient seat covered with the real leather. And, after taking pleasure in the view or after waiting for other members of your group who profess skiing or snowboarding, and after they take a rest, you can get back in action!

No limitation with skibob 

Skibob is especially suitable for those lovers of winter pleasures who cannot ski or snowboard due to health troubles (troubles with knees, hips or backbone, with lower limb amputation etc…) at all or only within the limited scope. And they are not few. 

Based on our experience we know that people with health troubles skied one half a day with difficulties but on the seat of skibob they were able to go down on alpine slopes for several days with the smile on their faces.  

Skibob, it mainly means new experiences 

Skibob is the excellent way for all actual skiers and snowboarders who desire to get new experiences and have fun on the snow

On the skibob, you are simply original 

Do you like to attract the attention? Even dressed only in white, nobody overlooks you on the skibob.